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Ancient Mesopotamia : a biblical presence of the world’s first olive oil, pistachio oil, laurel berry oil and almond oil soaps traded on The Silk Route, 2nd century BC -14th century AD, where the first civilisation of the world started. Ancient Mesopotamia's collection of these imported cultural soaps are skilfully made by hand, hand-cut, dried stored for months with the original ingredients unchanged for centuries, remarkably today, still being handmade from the same historical areas, as the Soapmakers continue making history. Mardin, located on The Silk Route, The Persian Royal Road, the oldest city in Upper Mesopotamia, a Unesco Tentative Listing ; the open museum, 4500 BC with the most preserved architecture in the world. The Province of Mardin, Dara, where masons all over Mesopotamia built the last Roman Fortress 114 feet tall, keeping back the Persians. Mardin Soap : remarkably, still being handmade today from the same historical area. Aleppo : Soapmakers continue the more than 2000 year soap history, just miles over the border in Gaziantep (on The Silk Route). Antioch : the third largest City of The Roman Empire, after Alexandria and Rome on The Silk Route, 1,100 acres, the only Roman city illuminated at night for hundreds of years, favoured by The Emperors, the centre of literature.The romantic magnet for scholars, writers, philosophers, the marriage of Antony and Cleopatra 37 BC, the park of woods at Daphne leading down to the Mediterranean waters. Antiochia Soap : centuries later, still handmade today remarkably, from the same historical area. Nablus : the world's most ancient olive groves, a Unesco World Heritage Site, Central Highland area of Nablus, Battir to Hebron. Seven natural springs, The Roman Empire channels and pools irrigate, centuries later, still worked today, continuing making history. Nablus Soap : remarkably, from the same historical area since the 10th century. Ancient Mesopotamia products contain no perfumes, artificial colours or, preservatives, 100% biodegradable and not tested on animals. Ancient Mesopotamia imports the collection of soaps traded on The Silk Route directly from the Soapmakers.

Ancient Mesopotamia : continuing the ethical and sustainable ethos, the culture and spirit of the first Soapmakers of the world remarkably, still handmade today from the original historical areas whilst supporting their families.

Soap : an ancient product.

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