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Note : an imaginative one hour talk & presentation. The Untold Story of  Soap : an ancient product, 40 centuries later, directly from the Soapmakers on The Silk Route, The Persian Royal Road, continuing making history. Awakening the activity, The Near East, more untold then we thought.

The atmosphere of Antioch, third largest City of The Roman Empire.

The presence and importance  of The Silk Route 200 BC.

The Ancient World’s impressive culture and inventions : Sumerians, Babylonians.

Incredible Assyrians, Persians, Han Dynasty.

The Ishtar Gate, Hanging Garden of Nineveh, celebrated Theatres, Libraries
of The Near East.

Centuries Later, Still Preserved Today, 10 year project, over 27 feet below ground level, 4 acres of Antioch ( City of Antioch 1,100 acres, Savonerrie, where the Soapmakers made history) excavating, authenticity preserved, still today. 30,000 objects dating back to the 3rd Century BC : The Necmi Asfuroğlu Archaeology Museum, Hatay Archaeology Museum overlooking Mt. Silpius.

Soap : the greatest medical discovery in human history, cleans away something you cannot see, soap does not attract germs, water doesUNICEF :  doctors wash their hands half as frequently as they should, if every cook used soap it would cut the world’s rate of respiratory infections by 25%. Saves the life of a healthy person oblivious to the bullet they dodged, has saved more lives than penicillin, doesn't just make cities healthier it makes them possible, enabling our existence.

Ancient Mesopotamia : continuing the ethical and sustainable ethos, the culture and spirit of the first Soapmakers of the world remarkably, still handmade today from the original historical areas whilst supporting their families.

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Maps & Sketches : Rowen Salt, Katheryn Lockey

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