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Nablus Soap 100% First Pressed Olive Oil 150g Handmade in Nablus, Palestine.


Nablus Soap : from the world's most ancient olive groves. Palestine : 63 BC a Roman Province. Unesco World Heritage Site, Central Highland area of Nablus, Battir to Hebron. Seven natural springs, The Roman Empire channels and pools irrigate, centuries later, still worked today continuing making history. Nablus Soap, unchanged and still handmade today after more than a thousand years, a delicately scented creamy white soap, 100% first pressed olive oil, containing vitamins E and K, for delicate and sensitive dry skin, suitable for all ages, especially children, containing no perfumes, artificial colours or, preservatives (the preference of Elizabeth I). Local lime, ash (ashes of the barilla plant from the salty banks of the River Jordan) are pounded into a powder, the pure olive oil soap mixture is gently heated and continuously stirred over many days in copper vats, then spread out to set, soaked in red vegetable pigment, a grid of woollen threads leaves its imprint, as the process of lines are established for the cutter's hand, whilst the stamped seal of the two crossed keys completes the process, thereafter, stacked to dry. Continuing making history remarkably, from the original historical area, directly from the Soapmakers in Nablus, Palestine. Palestine : the world's most ancient olive groves; The Fertile Crescent.

Ancient Mesopotamia : Antiochia Soap, Mardin Soap, Aleppo Soap and Nablus Soap; a collection of the first handmade olive oil, laurel berry oil, pistachio oil & almond oil soaps traded on The Silk Route; all from the area of Ancient Mesopotamia, The Fertile Crescent, centuries later, still handmade today. 2200 BC (where oils in soap began), a formula of soap consisting of water, alkali (ash) and cassia oil (cinnamomum) was written on a Babylonian clay tablet. The wall of Babylon, more than 50 miles long, wrapped around the most famous City of Ancient Mesopotamia. Soap : an ancient product.

Nablus Soap ingredients : Olea Europea (Olive oil), Aqua (Water), Sodium Hydroxide (Soda, Barilla Plant Ash), Sodium Chloride (Salt). Ancient Mesopotamia products contain no perfumes, artificial colours or, preservatives. Ancient Mesopotamia products are not tested on animals and are 100% biodegradable. 150g ℮.

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