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Mardin Soap 35% Pure Almond Oil 150g Handmade in Mardin.


Mardin Soap 35% Almond Oil : Mardin, located on The Silk Route, The Persian Royal Road, 4500 BC :  Subartus, Hurrians, Elamites, Sumerians, Akkadians, Hittites, Babylonians, Mitannis, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines.

Darius I, 5th century BC, The Kings Pirradazis (horse changing),  The Angarium (The Persian Institute), Royal Chapars, Angaros (riders), delivering messages, Susa - Sardes 1,677 miles, 111 stations on the heavily guarded Persian Royal Road. Darius 1, 515 BC The Great Stairway of Apadana (the great hall of The Persian Palace), Persepolis.

Mardin, the oldest city in Upper Mesopotamia with a four thousand five hundred BC history. Unesco Tentative Listing; the open museum. Emperor Justinian 1 527-565 AD, Wife Theodora, Empress, ruled with Justinian 1 for 21 years, a woman from a poor background, Justinian 1 passed a law allowing intermarriage between social classes, his marriage to Theodora caused a scandal but, she became one of the most influential women of the Ancient World. The Province of Mardin, Dara three miles from the Persian border of Nisibis Justinian 1 rebuilds and strengthens the last Roman fortress constructing a colonnaded stoa running around the 114 feet tall three storey walls, digging a crescent-shaped moat filled with deep water, irrigating the city, digging a canal for water supply, at the same time diverting its flow to an underground channel, denying water to any enemy. A magnificent arch dam with sluice-gates ensured the waters would never flood the city again.

The ochre sunset of Mardin, where olive oil travelled on The Persian Royal Road, where Persian Sogdian Traders travelled on The Silk Route and spoke the language of Sogdiana for hundreds of years from Chang'an (Han Dynasty), Samarkand to Antioch (The Roman Empire), centuries later, soap; still handmade today, from untreated olive and almond trees, producing handmade, hand-cut, 65% pure olive oil and 35% pure almond oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, high in vitamin E, moisturising dry sensitive skin, leaving skin nourished and silky, containing no perfumes, artificial colours or, preservatives. A delicate natural scent. C
ontinuing making history remarkably, from the original historical area, directly from the Soapmakers in ancient Mardin, Southern Turkey.

Ancient Mesopotamia : Antiochia Soap, Mardin Soap, Aleppo Soap and Nablus Soap; a collection of the first handmade olive oil, laurel berry oil, pistachio oil & almond oil soaps traded on The Silk Route; all from the area of Ancient Mesopotamia, The Fertile Crescent, centuries later, still handmade today. 2200 BC (where oils in soap began), a formula of soap consisting of water, alkali (ash) and cassia oil (cinnamomum) was written on a clay tablet.

Soap : an ancient product. 

Mardin Soap 35% Almond Oil ingredients : Olea Europea (Olive oil), Prunus Dulcis oil (Almond oil), Aqua (Water), Sodium Hydroxide (Soda, Oak Ash), Sodium Chloride (Salt). Ancient Mesopotamia products contain no perfumes, artificial colours or, preservatives. Ancient Mesopotamia products are not tested on animals and are 100% biodegradable. 150g ℮.

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